The Book

Picture of the book - Creating an Ecosocial Welfare Future - by Mary Murphy

Book Contents

Introduction: The case for a welfare imagination

Part 1: From problems to solutions: a post-growth ecosocial political economy

1. Commodification and decommodification

2. From unsustainable environmental outcomes to a post-growth world

3. From an unequal society to ecosocial welfare

Part 2: Building an ecosocial imaginary

4. Reciprocity and interdependence: enabling institutions

5. Universal basic services

6. Participation income

Part 3: An ecosocial political imaginary

7. Power and mobilisation

8. Imaginaries and ideas

9. Achieving change through high-energy democracy and coalition-building



Thanks to everyone who supported and participated in the launch of the book on 17th May in Mansion House, a launch video will be available here soon.

I wrote the book Creating an EcoSocial Welfare Future to spark a conversation between people who care about inequality and people who care about climate change.

Watch a short 90 second video about at this link.

I believe inequality and climate change are part of the same problem and sometimes people don’t necessarily see this. The political economy of 21st Century  capitalism over focuses on growth. This leads to social inequality, overconsumption and environmental degradation.

The solution to this lies in progressing equality and  environmental sustainability as interlinked goals.  Achievement of each depends on the other and an ecosocial  welfare can enable values and behaviours to evolve.

For example,  shifting from production and consumption by valuing other forms of  participation and ways of experiencing and contributing to the world.  This means socially valuing care,  of ourselves and our planet,  and time for democracy, well being and citizenship.  

The book looks at the first steps towards an ecosocial  welfare, what  can be achieved in a short time frame using tools and ideas we have now,  these ideas are globally relevant and also apply to Ireland.

I hope the book appeals to anyone is studying or working to improve global and local inequality and those who are working as climate activists.

I want this book to contribute strategies and vocabulary to achieve the social transitions needed to create social transformation.

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Throughout May 2023 you can purchase the book at a discount from Maynooth University bookshop

Read a short 3000 working paper at this link

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